tobiashastings: i was at that same event!! :) and i'm pretty sure the girl next to you (holding the camera) is named Amanda, and she took loads of cool pictures that were on tumblr. That's awesome how Keegan took a photo of you! (and that drawing is woaaah talented) I'm in the one he took from the stage :P

Maybe we saw each other there! Yeah her name is Amanda (she is my sister) she is pretty good at taking pictures.Oh man when Keegan asked me if he could take that picture I couldn’t even answer him, during our whole conversation I was a nervous wreck. Thank you so much I really appreciate it, it took a very long time to get it done but it was worth it!That’s so cool I wasn’t in that one I was in the second row but i was too short haha! 

Thanks for helping with my friend’s kickstarter! Here’s me keeping my promise of posting an “attractive but mostly gross” picture of myself. #1970scop #imsoashamed #diditforacause 

Anonymous: Can I see a picture of you?

Sure, I don’t really take pictures and this is the only one I have! (X) I’m the one holding the picture

Anonymous: It was Alison they basically proved it

Yeah I’m just holding on to the tiny bit of hope I have that it’s not her.

Anonymous: Do you think ALI is -A

I kinda do but I don’t want her to be because its obvious.

Mona Vanderwaal in Taking This One To The Grave